Baby carrier advice

How to choose the right baby carrier – for you and for baby 

While shopping for your new arrival can be fun, deciding on the best products can be equally confusing for first time parents.

There are so many different types and styles of baby carriers out there and choosing the best product for your needs can seem a little overwhelming. A number of factors will influence your choice, including lifestyle, the baby’s size and age and their personal preferences.

You also need to consider the comfort factor for you, too. If you’re going to be using your baby carrier a lot, then be aware that the most comfortable position is where the baby is high up and tucked close against your body. Carriers which hang from your shoulders can be very uncomfortable when worn for any length of time, even with a small baby. If you find you have a baby who likes to be carried a lot, you’ll need to choose a sling or carrier with broad straps, so that the weight is evenly distributed across your body.

Which carrier should I choose for my baby?

  • My baby is born premature or weighs less than 3000 g 

 We recommend the stretchy baby slings or the classic baby slings made from woven fabrics.

  • My baby is newborn and weighs more than 3000 g

Both baby slings, the woven and elastic, are great to use.
Pouch slings or ring slings are ideal if you quickly want to put on the carrier for short distances.
Other options are Mei Tais or soft structured baby carriers with an infant insert or an adjustable bar in the child leg’s area.

  • My baby can sit (around 5 – 11 months)

The choice is unlimited. All different type of baby carriers, slings and Mei Tais are perfect for your child of this age.
You still can use the stretchy baby sling but most likely a woven sling will last you longer with the growing weight of your child.
A Mei Tai - the Asian style baby carrier - is a very comfy solution.
A soft structured baby or child carrier is good value for money and will last you until the end of your baby or child wearing days.
A ring sling or pouch sling is still a good option for shorter distances and is a practical supplement to the other carriers.

  • My child has reached toddler age (from 10 kg to 3 – 4 years)

The woven baby slings and the comfortable baby and child carriers are perfect – especially for longer distances.
The ring sling and pouch sling are good for shorter distances and especially if your child wants to walk also by himself and you have to put him often up and down.